Why Join This Program

This program will support your organization’s efforts to—

  • Develop and enhance antibiotic stewardship efforts
  • Reduce unnecessary antibiotic use
  • Reduce Clostridium difficile infection rates
  • Enhance teamwork and communication around antibiotic prescribing
  • Improve resident and family satisfaction
  • Improve compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ antibiotic stewardship requirements

Resources for Participants

This program combines technical interventions – such as education on clinical guidelines – with interventions aimed to transform the behaviors and norms that surround antibiotic prescribing.

  • Get access to coaching, webinars, e-learning modules and toolkits to support an effective antibiotic stewardship program
  • Receive access to great educational guideline-based resources for all staff regarding antibiotic usage for several infectious disease syndromes
  • Enhance teamwork and communication surrounding antibiotic prescribing
  • Address the behavioral, cultural, and organizational barriers to judicious antibiotic prescribing
  • Access to resident and family educational materials about antibiotic use
  • Create an antibiotic stewardship program that works for your facility

Pilot Cohort

Three health care organizations – The Carolinas HealthCare System, Geisinger Health System and the Johns Hopkins Health System – began a 12-month pilot of the project interventions in April 2017. The pilot is occurring in acute care, long-term care, and ambulatory care sites in all three systems.

Acute Care/Hospital Cohort

Over 400 hospitals began a 12-month intervention in December 2017.

Learn More

There are several ways to learn more about project goals, interventions, and expectations of participating hospitals: